Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Skirt-Via Express, Jacket-Express Circa 2010, Shirt- Via Kimski in Downtown LA, Shoes- Macy's Circa 2004, Bracelets: Ross and Forever 21, Sunnies-Chanel Via Nordstrom Circa 2011, Belt-Express Circa 2005

Versatility-Have I mentioned how much I love this skirt? It was a gift from a colleague and it has truly been one of most versatile skirts I have ever owned. I wore it back when we first met. I love these pearls too, I got them at Target back in 2008 after seeing Michelle O wear them when Barack was campaigning.  

Inspiration- I bought these shoes way back in like 2003 when I was a younger gal, they have polka dots and straps. They were one of the first pair of grown up shoes that I purchased for my first office job. The belt seemed like a crazy purchase back in 2004 when it seemed as though no one wore belts, much less belts with studs or maybe I just wasn't as aware of trends back then. I hid these items in my closet for a while but have been pulling them out more frequently because sometimes we need to remember where we have been to realize how far we have come...

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Have a fantastic week! 
Betsy Aimee

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