Thursday, April 26, 2012

Curvy Girl Confession

Pants-H&M, Top-H&M, Shoes-Jessica Simpson, Bracelet-Forever 21,
I have a confession, I think my behind is too big for these pants! I know that we curvy girls are supposed to be proud and flaunt our curves but some days I wish I was a size 2! Ok- I would settle for a size 4 :) 

I saw them at H&M and though wow those would look great if I was thinner and walked away. I circled the store and came back to the pants. It was then I decided that I would put aside the self deprecating inner dialogue and just go for it! And you know what I absolutely love them and want them in other colors. 

We should all silence that inner critic as it may lead us to a new wardrobe and maybe a new type of life! 
What would you wear if you had no fear?

1 comment:

  1. I love this look and this post! It reminds me a bit of when I shared my own insecurities about being so curveless. I'm so glad we are both learning to stare down our fears and enjoy the perks of our bodies.